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Food for you is always prepared just to your preferences and choices. Tables are always booked according to your preferences. Your personalised profile means that you get a fine dining experience every time.

Enjoy premium benefits of being a patron. You get personalised access to opening nights, food tastings, and chef's special menu.


Get personal with chef

It's time you not only knew about your food but also who prepares your food as well. Get to know the chefs that make the great food that you enjoy.

Enjoy a dining experience like never before with 'Chefs at Pallate'. Select chef's cook personally for you at a unique location of thier choice.


Know who is cooking

Food at a fine dining restaurant is as good at its chef. Get to know who is cooking, when, and what before reserving tables.

Go beyond reserving tables and make sure your guests also have a great time. Communicate your food preferences and tasts at the time of booking tables.

Pallate is a simple way to ensure you get a premium dining experience everytime.

Patrons earn loyalty points on orders and table reservations.